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1 you don't know me anymore
2 late night cigarette (lyrics)
3 welcome to lesslie
4 don't go away
5 perfect crime
6 change
7 tomorrow goodbye
8 misunderstood
9 phone call from nowhere
10 a night by a lake somewhere in maine
11 end of the day
12 again

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Life In General - gee.


considered by many fans & friends to be the ultimate life in general album.

beautiful noise made by 2 guys on the verge of disaster.


5 out of 5 stars This is the one
Reviewer: Johnny Million
I come back to this one again and again and again.

5 out of 5 stars The Essential lig
Reviewer: Keith Mcbride
Call yourself a life in general fan? If you don't own this CD, you're just a second-rater. Seriously, though, this is the CD that makes life in general the powder-keg that they are. Occasionally, a band puts a collection of songs on one CD which are, together, so interwoven and progressing that it seems as if they're trying to lead you somewhere. Is every great life in general song on this CD? No, but every life in general song on this cd is great. You follow?

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