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LIFE IN GENERAL: no need to be lonely

1 Don't Go Away
2 Diamonds Into Dirt (lyrics)
3 Change
4 Scared of Anything
5 Misunderstood
6 Beautiful
7 San Bernardino
8 Marlene On the Wall
9 Charing Cross
10 The Replacements in '84
11 Goodbye
12 Crashing
13 Perfect Crime
14 Prairie Meadows
15 Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds
16 Stand Alone
17 Scraps
18 You Don't Know Me Anymore
19 If I Had a Boat (lyrics)
20 Eagle (lyrics)
21 Better Off
22 End
23 Welcome to Lesslie
24 Fiddle
25 Waiting/tomorrow Goodbye
26 Alright
27 Home
28 Precious Town
29 Blame
30 Late Night Cigarette
31 Run So Far
32 Still Be Around

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Life In General - no Need to Be Lonely

No Need to be Lonely

over 2 hours of live acoustic music recorded all over the country. energy, beauty, sadness, humor, power and love. guitars, pianos, mandolins, drums, congas, harmonicas and clapping. dig it if you will.


Reviewer: Keith McBride
What is Life in General? Well, actually, it's a lot of things. Life in General is fun stuff. It's party music, it's relaxing music, its the kind of music you'd love to be dancing in the aisles to during a concert. It's acoustic, and its an extension of folk, it's followed the likes of Dave Matthews and the Counting Crows away from blues-born rock, and turned up the energy of the likes of Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell. But what I really tell people when they ask me what Life in General is, I tell them, Life in General is the next thing that everyone's gonna be blown away by.

Reviewer: Kim
After hearing the CD Gee, I decided I'd love to hear more from Life in General. I thought "great! a live CD" and I was not disappointed. The liner notes are totally accurate and the portrayal of themselves as "on some nights and off on others" was right on the money. Such honesty in music is refreshing. Great songs on BOTH Cds I actually found I liked some of these versions better than the ones I'd already heard. WTG guys.

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