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LIFE IN GENERAL: so long, true love.

1 Hopscotch in Oz
2 San Miguel
3 No Need to Be Lonely
4 Who Knew
5 Spacegirl
6 Tattoo
7 Emily Laughed
8 Under Your Wing
9 She Cries
10 Missin' Me
11 Chestnut and Union
12 Big Sky (lyrics)
13 First Guitar
14 You

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life in general - so Long, True Love.

So Long, True Love

life in general is possibly the coolest band in the world. they write good songs & play lots of different instruments. if you're ever in their town, they'll probably take you out to dinner (so buy this cd & it'll be a nicer dinner).

this is their 5th album. the usual array of acoustic guitars dominates the songs, but is joined by lots of electric guitars, big drums, toy piano, fiddle, fretless bass, and much more.

most importantly, it contains their best songs to date (that's our humble opinion, folks).


5 out of 5 stars Wow. Another tremendous release for the boys of lig.
Reviewer: Chip Donahue
This cd showcases the songwriting style of the band. Wonderful ballads, thought-provoking songs, and cold beverage fun stuff. Check it out. You'll find a favorite here. The organ was a surprise, a the toy piano is a jewel.

5 out of 5 stars
Reviewer: Kevin
If you're debating whether or not to buy this album or any other of LIG's albums, my advice: BUY IT (better yet buy all of them). These guys are great. Unbelievable music from two great guys who care about the fans and what they do. Saw them by chance opening for two local bands here in Chicago a few years ago and have been hooked since. Jason and Jerry are a rare find in an industry that pushes the same cookie cutter music wrapped in different packages to the masses. You won't be sorry with any of the albums. The boys from Winston-Salem know what they're doing and they'll get to you someday. Keep it up guys.

Reviewer: Holly B.
Life in General is a band that has heart and soul....Jason and Jerry write and play with such passion that each listener's heart is touched by the lyrics and instrumentation. Many of their songs are fun and lighthearted, yet they still say so much. Life In General has a style all its own that stays within the minds and hearts of all their listeners. It is obvious to all that Jason and Jerry love what they are doing and it shows in every performance. I love Life in General!!!! Jason and Jerry rock!!!

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