Life in General Song Lyrics

Late Night Cigarette

lotta people talkin' 'bout lies & deception
people sayin' that they wanted more
he was only askin' her about her connection
she was only askin' him about the score
"well, what's the score?"
it's time for my late night cigarette

where are they all goin' and what are they wantin'?
how come everybody else knows what to do?
the newspaper's black & white, it's keeping me up at night
nothing in the fine print tells me what to do, where are you?
it's time for my late night cigarette

look at all the boys in all their funny faded leather
dames at the bar, her hat is made of feather
"well, how's the weather?"
all the cash is drawn out, it's lying on the table
guns are at hips, must be a western fable
i hope i'm able
it's time for my late night cigarette

one cigarette will not bring me down
all my thoughts of you, they hold me right to the ground
if i should fly to high, you know ithat i just might fall so hard
i might fall down so hard
i'll just take my wings and fly away

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